Charles Wood         Founder, VP - Board of Directors, & Director of Sales

Gwendolyn Boyd        Secretary, Board of Directors, & CFO

Born in 1946 Dennis grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah.  As early as he can remember he has always had a passion for designing and building projects.   Math, chemistry and physics were his favorite subjects in high school.  In 1971 he both graduated with a BS in Microbiology and was drafted into the military.   He was allowed to join the Air Force and in 1973 graduated from pilot training and flew C-130s in Southeast Asia over the next year.

Following his Southeast Asian tour, he was stationed at Dyess AFB in Abilene, Texas.  In addition to his flying responsibilities he was one of the head schedulers in the 772nd Tactical Airlift Squadron and was responsible to coordinate all crew positions for all squadron flying missions in two week segments.  In the first week, he would identify all flying missions for his week then based upon flight requirements and crew qualifications he would coordinate all crew positions, two pilots, a navigator, a flight engineer and based upon the cargo requirements one or two loadmasters. 

While stationed at Dyess AFB he was able to take a year off and go to graduate school at Hardin Simmons University in Abilene and in 1976 he received an MBA.  After separating from the Air Force in 1978 he was invited to teach all of the Business Math at Hardin Simmons University which he did for two years.  He had a very close geologist friend who talked him into teaming up with him in the oil business. 

The oil business had several major cycles and it was during this last one in 2015 and 2016 that he met Charles Wood. Mr. Wood shared his great knowledge and business experience.   It was after he performed numerous tests that he was able to verify the claims that Charles had shared with him. Dennis was also able to see the great potential for Texas All Natural, Inc. and was pleased to leave the oil business and join forces with Charles Wood.

One of the most outstanding factors of Texas All Natural, Inc. is its natural ability to minimize moisture loss caused by direct sun and wind.  In arid and semi-arid areas like Texas, this products ability to hold and retain moisture for plants, vegetables, and crops can be vital to their success as well as survival.  In situations where adequate rainfall is not provided, our product can make the difference in having an outstanding crop versus just an average yield.  Our products can be utilized in home flower beds and gardens or spread over larger acreages.  In addition to the outstanding ability of Texas All Natural, Inc. to hold moisture, it also contains a number of important nutrients that can effectively and naturally fertilize plants and vegetables throughout the growing season.   Texas All Natural, Inc. products will prove valuable for home gardens and every place where water conservation is critical.  All of our products will be very price competitive enhancing it market demand.

Dennis M. White         President, Board of Directors, & CEO

Texas All Natural, Inc. is a manufacturing enterprise that specializes in producing a line of exceptionally cost-effective, yet all natural soil amendments. 

The Company will initially focus on the retail market for Texas All Natural, Inc. products.

In every application, Texas All Natural, Inc. offers an all-natural organic product that is an alternative to the many fertilizers that can over time prove toxic to the environment.


​​Mr. Wood is a native West Texan with a history of farming and ranching in West Central Texas for over 60 years.  During that time, in addition to the ranching and farming, he successfully took three businesses public.  The first, produced cord wood for heating and cooking that was marketed to over 50,000 stores in the US; they also marketed in Europe. The company had a net worth of $4,500,000 and harvested up to 96 tons of product a day. The second, specialized in a nationwide online wholesale marketplace for autos that complemented his auto dealerships.  The third burned Texas wood which was used to generate steam and electricity while the natural gas prices were high. It was successfully capitalized with approximately $8 million dollars.  Later Mr. Wood was offered a good price and sold his stock in the company and went back to ranching.

It was during this time that he experimented growing an oat crop for his horses.  Using the precursor to Texas All Natural, Inc.  Soil Amendment. he conducted a test on a twenty-acre dry-land tract.  Ten acres with Texas All Natural, Inc Soil Amendment, and ten without.  It was a typical, very dry summer for West Texas.  At harvest time, the ten acres without the soil amendment produced 17 small bales per acre.  The ten acres with the soil amendment product produced 58 small bales per acre.  Initially, it was thought that the nutrients caused the harvest difference.  Even though the soil amendment contains good nutrients, it was later determined that the nutrients alone would not have been able to generate such a significant difference.  Testing determined that Texas All Natural, Inc. Soil Amendment  was the source that protected the treated oat crop from the dry, sunny summer weather.

This has launched his fourth company. Mr. Woods has established a reputation of a businessman with integrity.  Throughout his lifetime of experience, he has learned the skills of finance, economics and overall business operations. According to Mr. Wood, this product  is the best he has dealt with and will be the vehicle that will secure our share of .19% of the $28 Billion fertilizer business.


About Texas All Natural, Inc.

The US fertilizer industry in 2014 spent $28 billion. Texas All Natural, Inc. anticipates gaining a .22% share of that market by the end of the 2nd year of production. Texas All Natural Soil Amendment (TAN) is a totally unique product that will enable our company to achieve this goal. Over 60 tests were performed that compared moisture loss from different blends of TAN and popular soil additive products from the effects of wind and sun. Those comparative tests clearly showed that TAN dramatically improved the moisture holding capacity of the soil. Additionally, TAN is an all-natural organic soil conditioner that contains elements essential for plant growth. When mixed with garden soil down to root depth, it can improve soil structure and porosity creating a better plant root environment. Texas All Natural Soil Amendment is not a manufactured chemical fertilizer with the potential to harm the water supply, livestock, or wildlife.


Ms. Boyd grew up in West Texas in a small rural town consisting mostly of cotton farm families. She received a BA in Government, Public Administration in 1994. She worked several years in various industries, and in different positions. She acquired knowledge and skills in sales, marketing, human resources, education, human services, and food service. She decided that her skills could take her further with an MBA degree and obtained it in 2004.

​Acquiring an MBA gave her the opportunity to apply her experience in more challenging positions and led to the ownership of three companies spanning over  sixteen years. She added experience in operations management, cost analysis and reporting, budgeting, and data research to her repertoire of skills.  As a manager in social services, she was responsible for monitoring the program to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.

Her most recent experience has been as a restaurant manager. In this capacity, she worked to cultivate a high profile with customers, and considered herself to be the beating heart of the restaurant's success. She was a hand’s on manager who was personally involved in rallying staff, serving customers, and generally keeping everything running smoothly. She also has a strong understanding of financial margins and controls.  She has over ten years of management experience ranging from social service to business. Ms. Boyd has completed over 50 hours of management training, including SMART Management and Appreciative Inquiry, and has acquired skills as a trainer.